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Sunday, November 18th, 2007
9:25 pm
I apologize for being so behind....let's catch up shall we.

Match #28 PWO Nov 17th -- Lexi Lane vs. SassyStephie
The tides have turned slightly...if you were at the show or happen to see the show on Sports Time Ohio you will understand what that meant. A quick paced match with a lot of back and forth action, but in the end Lexi hit me with a forearm that knocked me out (legit knocked me out) and she came to me, picked me up, gave me a hug said I did well, and then hit me with an STO. After that....well Chris Cronus and Aaron Baurer almost murdered me, but lucky for me someone saved me from Cronus's massive hands!

Match #27 WASP Nov 10th -- Angel vs. Sassy
Basically heres how it goes I kick her all around and somehow she managed to keep on kicking out. I'm not sure how she does it, but she must have a lot of heart...I had her set up for the reverse DDT and she reversed out of that into a flatliner. Blaze noticing that I was in trouble slid the WASP womens title into me, I took advantage of that and when Angel came to get me I hit her as hard as I could with that title...well the Ref saw and disqualified me. But I decided I was taking the title home with me. As I type right now that title is sitting next to me on my desk.

Match #26 RAW Nov 6th -- Gimmick match
Angel Dust was Lita. I was Sensational Sherri (obviously) and I was accompanied to the ring by SassyStephie (also known as Aftermath) Lita hit the Twist of Fate and I was out.

Match #25 NEPW Nov 3rd -- Angel Dust vs. SassyStephie
Angel is beginning to figure me out quite well, everything I had I threw at this girl. She just kept kicking out, over and over. After some kicks and a reverse DDT she was unable to kickout and I retained my championship.

Match #24 FSW Oct 29th -- LAST WOMAN STANDING
Angel and I are not friends but any stretch of the imagination. This match definately proved that. I hid under the ring to attack her from behind to start of. We threw each other in to walls, chairs, and even a chain was thrown into the mix. However, I was no match for her atomic drop over two chairs. I was out clearly for the 10. Perhaps even 20...cause Shawn had to revive me. I was knocked senseless and had a nice black eye to prove it.

Match #23 CPW Oct 16th -- SassyStephie vs. Lexi Lane
Another 5 hr drive. This time to West Virginia. Our battles are being well documented that people want to bring us in from all over. We didnt disappoint this time either. Another hard fought match between the two of us with Lexi coming up on top.

Match #22 PXW -- Angel Dust vs. SassyStephie.
After a 5 hr drive I was ready to kill someone. Probably had something to do with the speeding ticket I recieved more so than the actual drive. I beat Angel from hell and back, but she managed to give me a run for my money. She came at me with wicked speed and some high risk. One of the high risks she took was a cross body from the top, but her own momentum hurt her on this account. I definately felt the crossbody, but with her momentum I used that to roll over, grab some tights and win the first ever womens championship at PXW!

Match #21 MCW Sept. 23rd Lexi Lane/SassyStephie vs. Angel Dust/Jessicka Havoc.
How did this pairing come about...I'm not sure. I think someone drew names out of a hat and said, cool. I got my ass handed to me in the match. Jessicka and Angel both had me in some interesting spots that were hard to get out of. I somehow made the tag to Lexi and I got a breather, but after I blind tagged myself in I went to give jess a cross body and she moved out of the way. She picked me up and gave me a INSANE german suplex. I was folded up like a napkin. It was devastating. Needless to say that was the end. I was down and out for the 3.

Match #20 OCW -- SassyStephie/Angel Dust vs. Lexi Lane/Jayme Braxton.
Well...it didnt end up that way. Jayme got "HURT" before our match. How convient?! Somehow...Lexi managed to find Neveah to wrestle instead of Jayme, but it didnt matter any....because Angel and I bonded together and kicked their asses for the 1-2-3!

Match #19 Sept 9th WASP -- SassyStephie vs. Angel Dust for the womens championship.
Now...I got screwed legit on this match. I gave Angel a vicious German Suplex for the 1-2-3 and the ref counted my shoulders down. I was clearly the aggressor and I SHOULD HAVE WON THE TITLE! It was complete crap.

Match #18 Sept 8th NEPW Battle Royale.
7 Women fought to be the first ever Womens Champion...and who came out on top....that's right SassyStephie.

Match #17 FSW -- Simply Sexy Shawn Blaze/SassyStephie vs. Angel Dust/TJ Dynamite.
My first mix tag match. Shawn and I kicked TJ and Angel all around the Armory. Only to be cheated out of a victory. But dont worry...TJ and Angel...we will get our revenge.
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
5:31 pm
Match # 16 OCW August 25th Triple Threat: Angel Dust vs. Lexi Lane vs. Sassy Stephie
Home sweet home.

I'm not actually from Rittman (thank god!) but it's only minutes from my house. Rittman is a a "city" if you want to call it that.

It was a kind is misty night...but it's was so unbelievably hot. Something you wouldnt except towards the end of August.

Angel and I we've had our issues in OCW, but in the locker room we had a chat that either of us leaving Rittman with the title was better than Lexi still having it.

The match started with Lexi and I arguing about how I deserve to be the champion and she's not as deserving. Angel out of no where rolls her up. I roll her up, Lexi rolls her up...it was a seris of pins right off the bat.

This was one of the most fast paced matches I had been in. Angel and I worked together for part of the match, but she ended up slapping me..."by accident" after that I was done with her as far as this match was concerned. I had Lexi where I wanted her and Angel was already half dead in one of the corners when I shot Lexi into her....she stopped and I ran straight into Angel, Lexi moved out of the way, once again out smarting me!!! She rolled me up and in the same fashion it's always happened Keith, the ref, counted way too quickly. She pinned me.

Oh how she celebrated, but once I got Angel to her feet, we charged at Lexi and starting beating the PISS out of her. She made have kept the belt, but I was going to make sure she regretted it.
As I am just beatin the snot out of her, someone grabbed me by my pig tails, took me across the ring and flung me all the way across. I ended up rolling out onto the floor which is where Angel was...apparently while i was in the corner with Lexi, ANgel had been speared. I looked into the ring and that snotty nosed Jayme Braxton was in the ring. She's quite bigger than any of us, so it was no wonder she was able to throw me around with ease by my hair.

Lexi grabbed the mic and challenged Angel and I to a tag match with her and Jayme Braxton...which of course I IMMEDIATELY agreed to. I want to get my hands on Lexi again and after what Jayme just did, I wanted to make sure she never put her noce into my business again...
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
3:08 am
Match # 15 FSW August 18th
I was pissed because of the last outcome of my match at FSW, so I went out to the ring to call out Angel.

In the middle of my complaining...JoeJoe Little and JT Hogg came out to the ring and interupted me. They told me horrible things like women dont need to be in the ring that they should be in the kitchen making food and then making babies. I didnt take that lightly. However, I'm not dumb--they are HUGE men, but I yelled at the top of my lungs at them.
They showed some video of Rogue being hit by a car--pretty funny. Then TTP, the president, came out to the ring with Raptor. AT LEAST with TTP out there I could plead my case about being screwed over and wanting my re-match.
He bitched at the Black Bloods (Joejoe and JT) about them running over Rogue. Whateve.
TTP then stated since we were all in gear, we were going to have matches. Bad ass, I was so ready to kick Angel all around the Armory! He told me that not only was I going to be in a match, but it was a tag team match. I was stunned...since when did other women that could wrestle enter that locker room, but I was ready. He informed me they were not going to be women that I was wrestling. That I was going to be tagging with Raptor against the Black Bloods. WHOA, buddy...I'm a womens wrestler. I dont wrestle men!!! But he told me if I didnt go out to the ring and wrestle with Raptor-I'd be fired.

So our match comes around and I DONT want to go out, but after some struggle...I was at ring side.
Raptor started off the match and everytime he came near me...I had some emergency. The first time I had to stretch. I was so scared in the back--I forgot. Then, I lost a contact...but I soon remembered I dont wear contacts! My vison must have went blurry because of the fright I was expierencing. Then I was parched. My throat was really dry. So I went and grabbed a water. Also, I had a cramp in my lower back. It was bad, I had Kristin rub it for me. Then out of no where Raptor hit a HUGE frog splash, but instead od pinning Joejoe at that moment, he fell off holding his knee. Well, I wanted in...I wanted the win, so I stuck out my hand for the tag. I got it! I ran in and pinned JoeJoe only to have him kick out at ALMOST 3. JT came in after me putting me up on his shoulders. Joejoe climbed to the top rope and was about to clothesline me to my death. I was punching, kicking, and screaming to be put down. Raptor somehow found the energy to get to the ropes and nutted Joejoe before he could kill me!

Once I came back to the match because I was overtaken with fright....I went to check on Raptor and gave him a nice low blow for his efforts! I let the Black Bloods finish him off and then JoeJoe, JT, and I celebrated. Part of the celebration included brass knuckles to the head for Raptor.

For those who don't remember and wonder "Why Sassy Why?!?" He kiddnapped me last Halloween at Massacre. He now says that he will plot revenge against me, but it looks like I already got mine!
Tuesday, August 28th, 2007
5:40 pm
7-28-07 Match # 14 vs Angel Dust in Wooster Ohio for FSW's light heavy weight title.
I've been up and down the road with this girl. Everytime I step into the ring with her I beat her. It's a matter of fact now.

I arrived pretty early to FSW to prepare myself for my latest victory against her.

A month prior she had won the title from Shawn Blaze (who I happen to manage at FSW) Well, that was a fluke. TJ Dynamite, her boyfriend, her friend, who cares...he hid under the ring knowing that he and I were BOTH banned from ring side. Out of nowhere when the ref wasn't looking TJ speared Blaze and the tramp, Angel, pinned him

Now it was time for revenge. That belt was coming back to where it belonged with me and Blaze.

I called Angel out to the ring and a battle ensued. I was so furious about the title not being with Blaze and I that I took that girl to the limit and back. At this point I was so furious I just wanted to injure the girl that way I knew she couldnt cheat her way back to the title anytime soon.

We fought inside the ring and out. I was making sure she could never wrestle again....when all of the sudden...TIME RAN OUT! The belt was staying with Angel because I let my emotions get the better of me! So I kicked her ass all the way back into the lockeroom.

She may have walked away the champion that night, because of my emotions, but our next match when I get my REMATCH, I will make simple and short work of her.
Sunday, July 29th, 2007
2:14 pm
Match # 13 XWE in Star City West Virginia July 22nd 07
How many times do I have to beat Lexi Lane before people start respecting me?

Lexi and I are pretty evenly matched. She has quite a bit more experience than I do, but I am able to keep up with her. I'm starting to out smart her. I'm the one that is continually getting the "W" behind my name!

So, I got asked to wrestle her in West Virginia. Well, I have a little bit of a stride in my step. The last two times I've wrestled her-I've beaten her. Come on...two wins over the OCW womens champion and I still don't have the title around my waist. If you ask me...that just doesn't add up at all.

It was hot that day in West Virginia so I wanted to make this match quick and easy for me. So I could go find a bottle of water and air conditioner and just kick back and enjoy another win.
It didnt happen that way though. Lexi must have done some more studing because she had all sorts of moves that I didnt know was in her arsenal. She caught me off guard completely. However, I got the match in my favor. I went up for to the second rope and came off for the double ax handle and she caught me in her DisLEXIa...I tried to fight it, but she wasnt having it. She planted my face right into the mat.

Lexi, you got lucky. You may have got the win, but this is NOT over.
2:14 pm
After nearly a month of rehabing my knee--I made it back into the ring. This time it wasn't in Ohio.

I took all the pent up rage to Nashville Tennesse. Lexi followed me there. Apparently she hadn't learned her lesson in Strasburg.

We wrestled for over 15 minutes. Well, Lexi kept going to the outside everytime I got the fans behind me and got a good couple of moves in. She knew that with the fans on my side and the right combination of moves-I'd take her out. But she was definately a challenge for me. I know that she studies tapes/dvds/videos whatever she can get her hands on. So once I think I know what she is thinking-she switches it up. Plus, she trains constantly.

However, I did pull out the victory on this occasion! Once again, SassyStephie beats Lexi Lane. Oh but do I win a title...of course not. Just a nice pat on the back.
Sunday, June 17th, 2007
4:53 pm
Last night OCW was in Strasburg Ohio.

J Raymond Huntley and I went out to the ring to explain to all the low lifes in Strasburg that Vance was unable to complete that night because of a nasty fever he had come down with after sleeping with one of the nasty women that inhabit that god-awful city.
He brought me out because Im his newest client and that the board of directors has help me down to long. He said Lexi has slept her way to the title and that she was a phony.

Lexi didnt take to kind to that. She came charged the ring and speared me....

A ref came out and the ring announcer said if these two girls wanna brawl--let them. Falls count anywhere. WTF...I'm too pretty for that!

Lexi and I took turns beating the piss out of each other. Cookie sheets from the consessions, tables with merch on them, belts....Lexi even had four fans hold me so she could chop the hell out of my chest.
it turned really ugly when I sprained my left knee. I could barely stand up. Everytime I hit her or she hit me the pain was unbearable. But I continued on like the true champion I should be.

I got the upper hand and had Huntley find me a chair. He put it up in the corner and I went to shove her body threw it, but she went over my head and rolled me up. However, I took and shoved her head straight thru the damn chair. With a little assistance from the ropes I got the 1-2-3.

That's right board of directors....you cannot hold me down anymore. I pinned Lexi in a cat house brawl that you ordered when she came out and ATTACKED me!
Once I return from my injury I suffered...I will come back with a fiery and I will retain my belt that was so wrongfully taken from me in Ridgewood last month.
Monday, June 4th, 2007
3:14 am
Match # 10 Mad-Pro Wrestling June 2nd
My 10th match lead me to Chillicothe Ohio over the weekend.

Apparently southern Ohio liked Angel Dust and my match from Dayton previously and wanted to see us go at it again. Or maybe...they thought I couldn't beat her again...like it was a fluke or something.

The fans there were intelligent, they loved me. I don't see why more fans don't...honestly. Angel pretty much controled the match working on my back the entire time. I gave her one opening and she took and ran with it. She made sure I paid for that first win over her that I had. Lets just say she was a little angry.

But in the end, I got a quick roll up for the 1-2-3.

Yes, ladies and gents I beat Angel again.
Monday, May 7th, 2007
10:35 am
Match # 9 May 6th CAPW
SassyStephie vs. Jessicka Havoc.

This is the first time I have wrestled her one on one. If you remember in March my second match was against her and Josie.

She is probably a good 6 inches taller than I am. So my plan was to attack and stay on the run. I didnt want her to get ahold of me, cause if that happened I knew it wasn't going to be pretty. Well....that happened. Jessicka was in complete control the whole time. She choked me,pulled me by my hair, and kick the tar out of me the entire match. I had a few quick pins from out of no where. But that didn't stop that Munich monster She ended up hitting me with a DDT. She got the pin 1-2-3. Then continued to beat the piss out of me.

Angel Dust then came out telling her to pick on someone her own size. I dont think Angel realizes she's tinier than I am. Jessicka disposed of her fairly quick. Then Ben came out. She hit her DDT and he was done. Then Amber. Then......................Rhyno. Yes, TNA's Rhyno went out to challenge her. He got into the ring, booted her, gave her a snap mare and then gored her! Sure I may have been hurt, but I got a bit of a smile on my face when that happened considering she just put the beat down on me.
Sunday, May 6th, 2007
9:48 pm
Match # 8 May 5th OCW
As noted before I was wrestling Lexi Lane.

Our match was fairly simple. I had her where I wanted her for 90% of the match. I took out her leg which meant no high flying crap. She couldnt catch me with another crossbody like she had previously done. It would be hard for her to stand to get me in her flatliner. No hurricanranas. No flying head scissors! I told you I studied.
She did manage to give me a belly to back and then a reverse DDT. When that happened a concerned J. Raymond Huntley came out to make sure I was ok. For some reason the ref kept telling him he had to leave. As that happened...I hit Lexi with my deadly right fist! PIN, 1-2-3.

New Women's Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe it. I celebrated until Keith (the ref) came over to me and grabbed something out of my kick pads. It was brass knuckles. That stupid Lexi Lane MUST HAVE planted them on me!! I couldnt believe it. That's my title! Appartenly she'll do anything and i mean ANYTHING to keep her title. Keith re-started the match. Lexi was standing in the corner holding her poor face. So I charged the corner. I was determined to keep that title around my waist! She moved. She came limping in towards me. I jumped up and hooked a sunset flip. But the she sat on me and held onto the ropes so I couldnt kick out. So she retained. I couldnt flippppppin believe it! I bitched moaned and complained with no avail! So I stomped and screamed all the way to the back.
Saturday, May 5th, 2007
10:53 am
I love when I have two shows in one weekend.

Tonight is OCW, where I will be taking on Lexi Lane. Trust me when I say that I have been studying, training...oh yea and I've been taking my vitamins, saying my prayers, and drinking my milk! (yes, I realize I'm lame--thank you)
But tonight I'm serious...this could be the last time I get a shot at the title. I've been so close before. I've wrestled her a number of times now...if I dont win tonight, I dont know when I will see the another time where I can wrestle her in the near future to take the title away from her.
Plus another cool bonus to the show (call me a mark--I dont care) is one of the wrestlers I watched as a little girl and always loved Jake "the Snake" Roberts is going to be at the show wrestling tonight. I think it's pretty rad that I get to be apart of a show he is on. I've met him before, but it's just cool. Shut up...

Tomorrow is Cleveland All Pro Wrestling. Nikki, my tag team partner, and I will be in a handicap match. With the numbers being in our favor! We will be taking on Jessicka Havoc. Hell yea, I love when something goes in my favor before the match even happens!
Also, dont forget that Cleveland All Pro is on Sports Time Ohio. So check out your local listings and such and catch that when it's on!! Support indy wrestling!

For more info about either show check out www.ocwrestling.net and www.capw.net
Monday, April 30th, 2007
3:26 am
Match # 7 IPWA April 18 in Dayton Ohio
Friday night I took off up to the Cleveland area so I didnt have to wake up at the crack of dawn to drive to Dayton with some friends. There was a show we were all booked on there Saturday night and we were leaving at noon. (which turned into sometime after 1pm)

The drive was fun---except the people in my car couldn't figure out what they wanted to listen to. I had about 100 cds in my car. How can you not find anything to listen to? But it was fun. We ended up listening to a lot of Dane Cook.

The show was weird. It was at a soccer field--inside, which was cool. But all the fans sat on bleachers which were aboout 45 ft away all on one side. I felt odd wrestling because sometimes in the ring I'd look out to talk trash or something and the fans were on the other side of me...so they were looking at my back.

Anyway....I wrestled Angel Dust. She must weigh about 95 lbs legit. I thought I was small in the wrestling business. When she was announced out I couldnt help but laugh. I thought Casper the friendly ghost was my opponent for the evening. I begged the ring announcer to please bring out my real opponent. However, it really ended up being Angel Dust....and isn't angel dust another name for...heroin or something? I dont do drugs, but I vaguely remember that. Strange.
Our match was more techincal than anything. I like to play to my advantages. She was able to catch me off guard a couple of times, but that just pissed me off more and more. I ended up giving her a sleeper slam to end the match.

Yes ladies and gents....7 matches in and I finally have my first win!
Monday, April 16th, 2007
3:37 am
Match # 5 Cleveland All-Pro April 15th, 2007
My first battle royal.

Honestly I was hoping I would never have to step foot into a ring and do a battle royal, but I'm not going to back down from something. I want to take risks and do things people don't expect out of me.

Nikki and I were in the first tag team battle royal (there were two) Thanks to the luck of the draw we were team # 11 out of 13. Whew, that gave me some relief. I totally expected to have my ass handed to me royally. Which did happen.

Oh....did I mention Nikki and I were the only girls in this battle royal. Ya, that didnt help things. We got a pretty big pop though when Hank announced our names and came through the curtain. We were certainly the underdogs. Everyone was bigger, stronger, and more powerful than us. But we held our own. I dont know the official time of how long we were in, but we lasted a good couple of minutes. Dick Trimmings grabbed me by the hair and Nikki saved me...so we tried to eliminate him, sadly enough that didnt work. Sheik then picked up Nikki and was about to throw her over and he got a nice low blow for the thought. Then i was being held back as Dick threw Nikki to the outside...eliminating us.

Another match in and yet to score a victory...but that's ok. Once you start to count me out, I'm going to come in with the win.
3:28 am
Match # 4 in Rittman April 14th, 2007
Pretty much as close to home as I get when it comes to wrestling is Rittman. It's about 15 minutes away from my house. I had a bunch of pre-sale tickets that I sold and when it comes to a lot of my friends and family coming...I get a little more nervous than usual.

My match was after intermission, so I went out and got to see everyone, sign some autographs, get a general idea of the amount of people there. (Once again...we sold out another place!) My whole family was there. Some family friends came out and a bunch of people from UPS came out to the show as well.

Lexi and I had a pretty decent match. We are evenly matched when it comes to size, altho I think I have a couple pounds on her. I think it was the first time she had ever been boo-ed. (thanks to my cousin Matt and his friends)

She ended up coming out of no where with a bridge and retaining her title. So, being the lady that I am...I gave her a hug and raised her hand. Claps galore....awww, so cute. Then bam...she got a nice little neck breaker thanks to your truely. I grabbed her belt, stood over top of her told her I'd see her next week. As she started to stir, I made my exit, but made sure she made eye contact with me, so she knew for sure it was I who had just laid her out. I gave her a little wave and off I went.

She may have won, but I walked out on my own.
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
3:21 am
Matches number four and five are coming up this weekend.

Match four is against Lexi Lane for the women's title for OCW. This match is Saturday night in Rittman Ohio.
Match five is a tag team battle royal for CAPW. This match is Sunday afternoon in Cleveland Ohio.

Come check out the shows. I'm looking forward to seeing you ;)
Sunday, April 8th, 2007
2:36 am
match # 3
MEWL was tonight in Alliance Ohio.

The show had been advertised on the radio and Honkey Tonk Man was going to be making an appearance and was going to wrestle as well for this show. So, I was kind of excited.

I found out that I was going to be in a match with Lexi Lane. So, I had Tank come out to the ring with me. He was there for support only. I can take on Lexi myself...but being in a new place I really needed some added confidence.
Well once Tank and I hit the ring and scared Miss Lane...Jeff Cannon put his nose into our business and asked the crowd if they wanted a mix tag match. Tank and I wanted nothing to do with it, but they rang the bell and started a ten count so we were forced into this match against our will.
The match started with Lexi and I. We locked up and neither of us had the upper hand. We ended up rolling outside the ring still in the lock-up. The ref came and split us up...and I went to slap Lexi and missed. From there she got a few things in, but my hand was really hurting...the pole isn't forgiving.
Tank and I worked real well together. We had control of the whole match. Until Jeff and Lexi CHEATED!!!!!! Lexi ended up flatlining me again for the 1-2-3. I will NOT fall victim to that again.

Next week I have match 4 in Rittman Ohio. Come check it out. For more info on this show check out www.ocwrestling.net
Monday, March 12th, 2007
10:48 am
March 10th match # 2
After I fell defeated to Lexi Lane in the first match. I was told all the women who were defeated in the first round were going to be in a special lethal lottery tag match later on that same night.

I sat and watched the other women's matches to see who I was potentially going to be teamed with.

During intermission we pulled numbers to see who we would be teaming up with. Josie pulled a "1," Lorelie Lee pulled a "2," I pulled a "2," making Jessicka a "1" as well. Teams were picked.

I was nervous considering I had only worked with Jessicka Havok before and she was on the opposite team...Lorelie and I talked before the match. We were seemingly on the same page when it came to the match.
Once my music hit the nerves were gone again.

Lorelie and I did the "rock paper sisscors" gimmick to see who would be in first. Ended up Lorelie was going to be the first woman in for our team. Josie and Jessica pounded on her pretty bad. All I could do was cheer on the outside. She was cut off and couldnt get me a tag. I got one tag and I had control of Jessicka Havoc for a few minutes and tagged Lorelie back in. The ring got cut off again. Of course Josie and Jessicka were cheating...like that's any surprise. The ref was apparently blind to the hair pulling, choking, and closed fists! However, he saw me everytime I tried to come in to save her!
I got another tag. In came Jessicka, in came Josie. I took care of them. Lorelie came and grabbed up Josie and I grabbed Jessicka. We put them into the corner and climbed to the 2nd rope. The crowd counted as every punch we laid into them. After 10 we jumped down. I looked at Lorelie, she looked at me and I turned and shot Jessicka across. According to Lorelie, Josie reversed her and Jessicka ended up spearing Lorelie. When I turned around...Lorelie was gone. I went over to the side of the ring and looked for her. The ref was concerned as well. When I turned around. I got a double boot to my mid section and a double DDT. Jessicka pinned me, 1-2-3.

Lorlie made her way back into the ring and asked me what had happened. I asked her where was she, we were suppost to be a team. I rolled out and she followed still insisting on asking what had happened. I pushed her out of my way and left her alone. We were suppost to be a team, but she left me hanging.

Match # 2 Jessicka Havok/Josie vs. Lorelie Lee/SassyStephie. Jessicka pinned me for the three after a double team.
10:30 am
March 10th 2007 match # 1
I have never been so nervous in my entire life. The whole day before my match I had crazy amounts of butterflies.

I got to the show early. I wanted to take everything in and help set up a little bit to take my mind off of my match and potential matches. I set up some chairs. I talked with everyone as they arrived.

I soon found out I was going to be in the opening match of the tournament vs Lexi Lane. Lexi and I train together and we're pretty good friends, but we had to put that aside. This show was about one thing and that's the women's title.

As we were getting ready Jeff's wife came into the back and said "We don't have anymore tickets, I made 250" Great...first match ever and we have a crowd of 250. A couple minutes later she came back and said "Jeff we ran out of chairs." My first match and we've sold out Hopewell School. Yes, ladies and gents an all womens show in Ohio drew over 300 people. Tell me that's not impressive...But ya..so sold out show I'm out first, my first match....NO PRESSURE!

The show started and I was as ready as I could possibly be. John Orlando called my name and my music played....I hit the curtain and the nerves were GONE! I went out slapped some hands and was really pumped. I saw A LOT of people I knew in the crowd and that was pretty bad ass.

Lexi came out to the ring. I wanted to wish her good luck so I shook her hand and we lifted our arms up. The crowd loved it. But OOOOOPS, I tricked miss Lane again with a mexician arm drag. It was a pretty even back and forth match. But I made a rookie mistake. She came charging at me as I was in the corner. I gave her a back elbow and jumped up to the second rope. As I was coming down to get her with a double ax handle...she caught me. I was in her flatliner and there was nothing I could do at that point. She pinned me and she got the win and advanced on.

Match number 1 SassyStephie vs. Lexi Lane. Lexi Lane picked up the "W"
Friday, March 9th, 2007
3:59 pm
Saturday March 10, 2007
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OCW presents: Ladies Night

8 talented women come together to face off in a tournament to crown the FIRST ever Womens champion in OCW.

Tickets are $10 at the door.

Also, it's my very first match. Which I certainly hope to progress through the tournament and perform several other times tomorrow night in hopes of winning the belt!
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